DEAR PARTNERS,   "The Great Year"  2016  KCM

Being a part of something is a fulfilling and vital role we all play in this life. Being part of something is being involved in the whole vision of a family, ministry or business.

With each part functioning as it was designed, the bigger picture is fulfilled and we find wholeness is being formed right before our eyes.

Brokenness Made Whole is what this ministry is about. Areas in our lives need to be continually uprooted and dealt with so wholeness can come.

Being made whole is what we are promised as we sit in His presence and listen, wait and respond as our Lord summons us unto Him, as His beloved.

We know the vastness of the call on BDK Ministries  as well as  "Dear Woman" is to reach the hurting, abused, broken, lost, and sick from every denomination and walk of life, the saved and unsaved alike.

Until next time, keep your prayers we see the expansion this year to reach many more men and women and travel to many different places.